TrouxView Software


Reduce Cost, Decrease Risk and Improve Agility

Troux’s suite of Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) products help business leaders make more informed decisions that lead to reduced costs, decreased risk and improved agility by ‘connecting’ business context to IT. Troux EPM products help decision makers gain valuable insights into the key portfolios (areas) that characterize a business. This transparency delivers executives with a clear, real-time view into their assets (tangible and non-tangible) and illustrates how and where they are used across their business.

With Troux decision makers are able to quickly see how these assets support corporate goals, strategies, and core business processes. The result, business leaders have the ability to better understand which assets are required to operate and grow their business and which are not; and decisions that affect the business can now be consistently made on facts rather than opinions.

Troux’s suite of EPM Products include:

TrouxSource Platform

  • Contains a best-in-class Metamodel that characterizes a business by organizing and connecting key data elements into IT and business related portfolios.
  • Provides a centralized repository to store important enterprise data.
  •  Provides data collection tools that facilitate and manage the import of key information from a variety of existing applications and systems.
  • Supports the export of key data to 3rd party business intelligence tools or data marts for additional reporting.

Troux Navigate

  • Supports the ability to browse, search, edit and report against data stored in Troux’s centralized repository (Troux Source).
  • Provides the ability to cascade deeper into key reports to gain additional action-oriented details behind the summary values.
  • Built-in data stewardship capabilities support the ability to federate the management and maintenance of information assets on both an organizational and individual level.   

Troux Insight

  • Provides a powerful interactive and ad-hoc analysis engine for business analysts.
  • Library of preconfigured visualizations called ‘perspectives’ help decision makers quickly analyze and identify risk areas, as well as, opportunities for cost savings and investment re-alignment.
  • Supports the ability to perform data management and maintenance en masse against large data sets.

Troux Architect

  • Provides a visual modeling environment to create models and quickly understand the connections and dependencies between portfolio elements.
  • Delivers rich visual models that represent the current state of organizations, processes, information, technologies and their relationships.
  • Supports scenario-based alternatives modeling and analysis of current to future state transformation.
  • Ability to create new objects and relationships in the Troux repository (Troux Source).