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While office productivity tools, such as PowerPoint and Visio, can be used to create static pictures of the enterprise, they were not designed to capture visual models at the scale and complexity of today’s business environments or to maintain those models over time. What you need is a solution that allows you to leverage the benefits of visual modeling and be confident in the models’ integrity and flexibility. You need a solution that gives you more than just static pictures and can be adapted to reflect the evolving business.

Troux Architect, a component of the Troux Transformation Platform, is a desktop visual modeling environment used by business analysts and architects across the enterprise to create models and analytic tools that promote the communication and analysis of the most complex aspects of the enterprise. Working together with stakeholders, they leverage Troux Architect to represent organizations, processes, information, technologies and their interrelationships as they exist today, as well as communicate how they will be transformed in the future.

  • Quickly render complex architectural data into rich visual model views
  • Model business processes using the BPMN notation
  • Create powerful visual analysis models
  • Configure reusable architectural building blocks
  • Define views on model content that focus on specific aspects of modeled content
  • See model symbols update dynamically as model property values change

Full bi-directional integration with Troux’s Metaverse repository technology means the content of Troux Architect visual models can be committed to the Metaverse with that content then available for query, reporting, and visualizations by Metaverse portal users. Likewise, repository-based content can be queried and incorporated into Troux Architect visual models.

In addition to its integration with the Metaverse, Troux Architect leverages the following Troux Transformation Platform features:

  • Initiatives — A modeling and analysis capability that supports scenario-based alternative analysis and modeling of current to future state transformation as a series of discrete states. Troux Architect manages the population of Initiatives states with content from the Metaverse or new content created within a Troux Architect visual model.
  • Archetypes — Managed reference models of reusable, pattern-based architecture building blocks from which larger scale enterprise and solution architecture models can be created. Troux Architect is used to create Archetypes, as well as develop visual models that use them.

Key benefits:

  • Purpose platform content for use by both the visual modeling and portal user communities as Troux Architect is fully integrated with the Troux Transformation Platform.
  • Create and maintain a visual model element across multiple models and model views, unlike drawing tools
  • Create large-scale models from managed, reusable models (e.g., Archetypes) that can be constructed without duplicating effort and with greater confidence in their integrity.
  • Define multiple views within a complex, large-scale visual model with each view supporting a particular perspective, including use of view and perspective-specific symbols for modeled entities.

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