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Troux is a capability and technology management solution.  It enables business model transformations and business outcomes by maximizing the impact of technology investments, while effectively managing risk and costs. 

Gain visibility, governance and stewardship of applications and technologies through business capability mapping.  Pinpoint areas to reduce cost and mitigate risk. Orchestrate technology and business model change in support of strategic initiatives.





Every day leading companies and governments around the world and across dozens of industries rely on Troux Enterprise Intelligence solutions to help make informed decisions that bolster growth, reduce cost and increase competitive agility.


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Forrester Webinar: How to Let Business Needs Drive EA

It has always been hard to explain the value of EA to the business.  An even bigger challenge is showing how EA aligns to the business’ strategies and can help to achieve objectives.  How can both sides speak the same language?

How to Achieve Best-in-Class TPM

As technology portfolios evolve and grow more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand the connection between the assets in the technology estate and the business capabilities they are meant to support while also continuing to add new technologies in order to stay competitive.

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